Friday, June 24, 2016

Matlaw's Stuffed Clams

This past weekend my sister Leah turned 30! There were lots of celebrations on Cape Cod - one of which was this late afternoon summer feast on my Mom's back deck! 

We started with classic New England style stuffed clams from Matlaw's. These stuffies from Gloucester come frozen - simply place them on the grill for 25 minutes, serve with lemon wedges, and your appetizer course is set! Succulent clams meet golden crispy breadcrumbs with chopped celery and peppers and a dusting of parsley and paprika; everyone around the table nodded in agreement - the stuffies were super fresh tasting and full of flavor. They paired perfectly alongside a hearty arugula salad featuring blueberry balsamic marinated and grilled peaches, toasted pecans and creamy goat cheese crumbles. Then, we enjoyed teriyaki marinated steak tips, corn on the cob, mushrooms and crispy potatoes - and for dessert, warm brownies and vanilla ice cream!
Special thanks to Matlaw's for providing the stuffed clams. Check out all their seafood products and where to purchase them right here.

Monday, June 20, 2016

The Gallows | Low Country Boil

The Gallows has long been one of my favorite Boston spots. So when the invite came in to attend their first Low Country Boil paired with Long Trail and Otter Creek Beers, I happily accepted. The night was a crab-claw smashing success; we started with soft cornbread and creamy cinnamon honey butter, plus cans of boiled peanuts, followed by buckets of crawfish, mussels, claims, sausages, corn, potatoes and the aforementioned crab claws. The Long Trail and Otter Creek beer selections included some of my favorites - like Long Trail's Green Blaze IPA - their newest release featuring big pine, tropical fruit and resin hop notes. We continued to devour crawfish and drink all 6 beers (10 oz pours though - a smart way to sample but still feel like you're getting a solid taste) well into the evening. Thanks to everyone at The Gallows for having us in and hosting such a fun Monday night dinner!! 

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Pedro's Tacos

I've discovered a new favorite lunch spot! Pedro's Tacos is nestled unassumingly on Bromfield Street next to Silvertones; it has been around for a couple years and draws lunchtime regulars to its California-casual inspired takeout counter. (The original Pedro's is a drive through window in Orange County catering to the surf crowd.) Bob and I went all out with Combo Plates (extra $2.99) which add cheesy refried beans, zesty rice and a fountain drink to any order. Served in two soft corn tortillas, warm from the griddle + loaded with fresh ingredients; both the Famous Fish ($4.89) and the Carne Asada Tacos ($4.99) nailed it. Flaky battered cod fish with crisp cabbage, salsa and dressing + tender marinated steak with creamy guac and salsa for the win! They also serve up an awesome burrito ($9.49) - try the garlic marinated shrimp and rice. Don't forget some crispy tortilla chips ($2.49) and guacamole ($1.99) on the side and a cinnamon sugar loaded churro for dessert!!

Pedro's Tacos
55 Bromfield Street
Boston, MA 02108

*this meal was complimentary, all opinions are my own*

Monday, June 6, 2016

around DTX

Today I'm giving a little shoutout to some staples around my office. Whether you're looking to switch up the after work routine or happen to be Downtown or Financial District bound, here are four fun bars to check out. The happy hour eats are highlighted where applicable!

Les Zygomates | 129 South St | Leather District

A classy wine bar and bistro with a relaxed vibe, Les Z has definitely earned a spot as a favorite. With 1$ Oysters on weekdays from 3-7 pm, live jazz and an outstanding wine list, you can't go wrong. 

Townsman | 120 Kingston Street | Financial District / Chinatown Border
Townsman's Cider Shrub ($11) made simply with vodka, a cider reduction and black salt (photo above, far right) is one of the best cocktails to hit the scene as of late. There's something about a shrub that is fresh, dazzling and really speaks to me. And that black sea salted rim is brilliant. Another exciting rendition of an old school cocktail to try at Townsman is their Dry Martini Service ($12) combining Plymouth gin, Dolin dry vermouth, Chambery and Fees Orange Bitters, served resting in an iced carafe garnished with a lemon twist, pickled onion and a Castelvetrano olive. Alongside, nosh on tasty plates like Brussels Sprouts ($8) with malt vinegar aioli, harissa spice and pork fat croutons and the Spring Carrot Creste di Gallo ($24) an exceptional pasta dish with chicken sugo and toasted breadcrumbs.

Central Bistro | 101 Arch Street | Downtown Crossing
Central Bistro (formerly Petit Robert Central) exudes a warm, tasteful Parisian inspired atmosphere that livens up the midday workweek lunch. Pictured above is the Central BLT ($10) and their black raspberry and vanilla ice cream Baked Alaska ($9). After work it's easy to find a spot at their sprawling wraparound bar, where a solid beer and cocktail program and the Rendezvous menu: $5 appetizers from 4-6 pm await you. 

Yvonne's | 2 Winter Place | Downtown Crossing

I love this bedazzled chandelier from the women's bathroom at Yvonne's. The space in its entirety is luxe, opulent and worth checking out. It is almost always packed but if you've snagged a seat or standing room at one of two bars, give the Bairdly Legal ($11) with mezcal, cynar, passionfruit, and grapefruit soda a try.  My only experience with the food has been passed appetizers at events here, but if they are any indication, it's seriously good!

Where else do I need to check out?!