Tuesday, February 20, 2018

snow day x Deluxe Town Diner

Hello! It certainly has been a minute (a month and a half) but I know no one is counting. Wedding planning, guys! It's all about that. (And skiing, duh!)

I'm that bride (who's wedding "dreams" originally involved an elopement) that now has a collection of SIXTY EIGHT antique bottles (my own. my moms. plus a friends) to use as vases to decorate my 20 round tables. This has involved a lot of time, planning and inspiration: researching and choosing the many varieties of flowers + their color combinations, calculating the number of stems / bunches, all while factoring in the the cost, plus the planning of the DIY project that is bottling your own arrangements of unprocessed bulk flowers. Antiquing and hunting for special bottles, plus flower arranging was actually a fun way to spend a Saturday with my Mom. 

Bob and I also hired a band this past weekend! Choosing songs and picturing everyone on the dance floor is a real feel good part of planning. It makes me the most excited to celebrate with everyone.
Back to the food. When at Watertown's greasy spoon, Deluxe Town Diner one must always order 1 SWEET POTATO PANCAKE on the side, literally the best pancake you have ever tasted. We always do, except on this day we didn't. I had the Cherry Babka instead!

PS I fully realize the irony of posting this snowy day when it is 70* out in Boston.