Friday, November 29, 2019


The heart and soul of the Renaissance right here folks. Plus a glimpse into the cities food scene.

So I took a lot of photos of The Cathedral. 

I was completely mesmerized each and every time we came upon it towering over Piazza del Duomo.

The Florence Cathedral presents itself in a way unlike any I've seen before.  A Renaissance Architectural wonder; it is intricate and behemoth, fancy and Gothic. It beckons and beams as you approach from a narrow side street. 

The juxtaposition between the clean and the dirty façades were striking as we made our way around the square. I think they are constantly working to upkeep its appearance.

The Cathedral complex including the Baptistery and Giotto's Bell Tower embody Renaissance architecture ~ Gothic architecture ~ Gothic Revival architecture + Italian Gothic architecture.

This is one of those places that unexpectedly turns into a big experience. And as I love to call this out - it wasn't necessarily on my bucket list. Yes, I was eager to see it while in Florence, I guess I was just more excited to be in the city and I had no expectations for the major sites. Il Duomo was a life changing work of art. I was completely blown away and believe this is an in person experience like no other when in Italy!

I had similar feelings about The Statue of David. This incredible sculpture can be found at Galleria dell ’Accademia.
Michelangelo created an impeccable work of art and it felt really significant to view it in person.

A light breakfast to start the day in Piazza della Signoria

I have yet to post about the food in Florence. I don't have a ton of photos! Out-to-eat changes when you have a baby! I am focused on is Camden happy, entertained, content, and not disrupting anyone else's dining experience? He is pretty great though and we had some remarkably smooth date nights. I say "date nights" because in some of these photos...where is he?! It would legitimately appear as though we went out just the two of us. I assure you Camden is right next to us, probably sleeping, but dressed up and here for it none the less!
I had not done any research nor did I make reservations and we did encounter wait times. There is so much to plan and sometimes you don't get to it all, especially on your 4th destination of the trip. [rome - praiano - abruzzo]

Our evening in the trendy San Niccolò neighborhood was a highlight and if you visit Florence I hope you check out the hidden gem streets in this barrio. 

4 Leoni Wine Bar is a sophisticated and intimate enoteca in the lively and hip Piazza Della Passera. We had a drink and an appetizer here while we waited for our table at Trattoria 4 LeoniI had their famous pear-stuffed pasta and asparagus in a taleggio cheese sauce. Heaven!

Via Santo Spirito is a long, narrow, popular street home to chic design shops and antique stores, cozy trattorias and enotecas, oh and Frederico's place - our Airbnb! 

It is located in the Oltrarno District which is the Southeast corner of Florence. I love when you have no idea about a city but you pick the coolest location ever!

a gorgeous moon shines down on us as we enjoy crisp glasses of wine on via Santo Spirito.

We had an amazing dinner and A+ service at Il Santo Bevitore

In a moment of kismet, on our last night we ran into two friends from Boston on their honeymoon. We were having a nightcap on our walk home and they wandered out of Il Santo Bevitore! (It was a different night than we had dined there. And they were not staying nearby.) Too funny! 

More Florence fun...

I found this Nutella napkin holder photo on Bob's phone and I love that he took it.
It's the little things that you'd spot in Europe and not at home.

And finally, a few photos of our awesome Airbnb.  (Borrowed from the site)

This rad apartment gets 5 stars! It's a third floor walk up. Having our BIKE LOCK was clutch for the stroller. The common entrance was large enough to store bikes, so we'd lock up the stroller down there! It was perfect.

gracias Florence, te amamos!

off to Lucca + Pisa we go.

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Camden in Florence


6 months old ~ Camden upon arrival to Florence ~ exploring the busy streets and basking in the cities golden hour glow.

First sighting of Il Duomo ~ absolutely magnificent ~ Mom is awestruck and takes photos at every vantage point ~ And wow this place is c r o w d e d!

Happy little museum go-er!
snoozy snoozin while Mommy + Daddy take in famous works of art at the amazing Uffizi Gallery.

A water break on St Trinity Bridge over the Arno River ~ Florence in September is h o t and humid.
That would be Piazza del Limbo

And here Cammy gets a balloon animal at Piazza della Repubblica

Lunch at Bistecca Fira Fiorentina in Piazza Della Repubblica.

Michelangelo's Statue of David at Galleria dell ’Accademia. We were all very impressed!

It might seem like we were constantly on the go but we had plenty of down time relaxing + playing in our Santo Spirito Design Apartment
Camden felt right at home in our sprawling space located in Santo Spirito neighborhood which is one of the four main quarters in the historic center of Florence.

Back at Piazza Del Duomo before heading inside The Cathedral to attend Mass. We never did buy tickets to enter and no matter what the line looped around the entire piazza. We found a side door to "sneak in" and while I was grateful we did, the outside is where it's at.

This post brought to you by Uppa Baby Mesa + Vista.


Camden absolute loved taking in the famed sights of Florence! We took many long walks around this STUNNING Tuscan city and inside her gorgeous museums. 

What a lucky 6 month old baby! 

What lucky parents!