Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Camden in Tuscany

I am having a moment with the photos of 6 1/2 month old Camden in Tuscany. His bright eyes, tan little face and wide toothless grin as he plays under the farmhouse table in our Il Rosolaccio kitchen. Our daily vineyard strolls under the shining Tuscan sun. An evening Chianti tasting at Arcangelo. 

He will be 9 months on Christmas Day! I want to remember this; how close and carefree our little family felt in San Gimignano. Camden was always smiling, finding his way, so content and happy!

These views are from Poderi Arcangelo - the organic vineyard and olive grove next door to the one we stayed on. They had an organized Chianti tasting and wine cellar tour that we walked over to one evening.

The views and vineyards below are from the property we stayed on at Il Rosolaccio. Our stay was exquisite and there was so much to explore. 

A couple different evenings before dinner....
Cutest face!
Dad's shirt tucked in, getting better....
Dad's head chopped off. Not a winner.
And there it is....the family Christmas card!

Monday, December 16, 2019