Saturday, June 18, 2022

Calle de la Fortaleza + Seafood Mofongo

Calle de la Fortaleza (x Calle del Christo) is where the well known umbrella street is located, except in this instance it was bells! A rotating cast of beautiful hanging installations in repetition are sure to make your must-stroll-by list on a visit to OSJ.

We grabbed lunch right outside the pretty purple, gold and pastel rainbow bells canopy at La Danza. I had my first Seafood Mofongo and yes your girl loves a Medalla Light. There's always that one local beer and I'll always be drinkin' it! The mountain of shrimp, scallops + shellfish atop my Mofongo, the official Puerto Rican dish of mashed plantains with salt, garlic, broth and olive oil was terrific; very fresh and very flavorful.

We continued the leisurely afternoon stroll down Calle de Tetuan, Calle de San Francisco and more. The boys napped and we shopped. Old San Juan is not very big but there is so much to take in. I'm glad we decided to spend four nights here! 

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