Thursday, September 30, 2010

Boston Harbor Wine & Jazz Cruise

Melissa complimented my zest for life in her recent post Sharing Some Love. Check her out if you have a minute, she keeps it real and brings humor and a fresh perspective in her "lazy girls guide to healthy living" blog. She had some really positive words to say about myself and some other local bloggers. It is such a great feeling to know people get just as excited to read your blog as you do theirs. Thanks for the love, Melissa!
The blog community here in Boston really is just one big lovefest. Case and point; at brunch this past Sunday Alicia offered up tickets she'd won to a wine cruise but wasn't able to redeem. How thoughtful of her! Takers? Anybody? No? Are you sure?! Because I live just around the corner from Rowes Wharf and I'd be happy to take them off your hands. Spontaneous wine cruises around Boston Harbor are just what I need more of in my life.
We took in the scene at Rowes Wharf, one of my favorite spots on the Harbor. Boston Harbor Hotel docks are always pristine and inviting. I was excited, but I'll be honest with you, I had no idea how I was going to partake in a wine tasting right about now. I was s-t-u-f-f-e-d to the brim from Lord Hobo's Pork Belly Hash and feeling more like I needed a nap on my couch from the previous nights bachelorette party festivities. They had couches on the boat, so there's that going for me. As we cruised along by the Institute of Contemporary Art and Fort Point Channel, soon enough I decided it was time to dive headfirst into the tasting. (Did you really think I was going to pass on free wine?)90+ Cellars provided the majority of the wines offered aboard the Marika. I had never seen or heard of this brand before but I really enjoyed all of the wines that I ended up tasting. So much for feeling like I couldn't drink.

The "Lot 16" Pinot Grigio from Napa Valley was rich and full bodied (not what I would typically expect from a Pinot Grigio) with fruity notes of pear and grapefruit.
Some views of the city from the ship...We cruised past Logan Airport and saw a few planes land and take off. And past the some of the Harbor Islands, which I still have yet to visit any.Castle Island below
I mostly snapped shots of the Financial District and Downtown skyscrapers.
Check out this vessel - I could barely fit it all in the frame.
It was, if you couldn't tell from the photos, overcast and windy. I didn't mind so much, it was actually somewhat refreshing. Most of the ship is indoors anyways, so the second you felt too much of that windy chill run through your bones you could step back inside.
It was a great day for a sail.
The jazz was a lovely touch.
They had a buffet but I didn't partake. Again, way to stuffed. And enjoying my wine way to much!Adam had a plate of the pulled BBQ Chicken and the Lobster Mac-n-Cheese.
We made our way to the inner harbor which provided views of the Zakim Bridge,
as well as The Charlestown Navy Yard and The USS Constitution.
Thanks again Alicia for offering up these tickets!


  1. Thank you for mentioning me. The love is all around!!

    Even though it was a gray day, the cruise looks fun. I've never heard of this wine or their concept, but it sounds cool. I'm trying to learn more about wine and this sounds very interesting. I'll be checking them out. Thanks!

  2. This looks like such a great time! You are SUCH a trooper after such a long weekend.

  3. Wow, you have some stamina! Good for you - where can I get free tickets to a booze cruise ;)

  4. whaow,,,such a great place to visit,
    looks amazing.


  5. I love cruises! And the ICA too (bf and I had our second date there) ;) Looks like you had an awesome weekend. Seeing Adam's plate of food reminds me that I promised my friends I'll make mac and cheese soon! I'll post the recipe on my blog if I do get around to it hehe. Happy Friday!

  6. Well who wouldn't be up for a spontaneous wine cruise? LOL. Looks like a great time. And you weren't under-dressed at all!

    The Boston Harbor has become such a beautiful place to go and see. =)

  7. *Getting through blog posts' a little slowly while planning for my husband-to-be coming and vacation in a matter of days, but please bear with me. Promise to catch up on EVERYTHING! =)

  8. Glad you could enjoy it!! Wine + no sea legs, I would have been miserable.

    spent the day at Champions watching football - it was perfect!

  9. Glad you rallied and had such a good time!

    I have had that wine before. I found a bottle with a mixture of reds at Boston Wine Xchange in DTC. They even have little sampling machines so you can try before you buy.

  10. whoa thats quite a day. The wine cruise looks like a lot of fun but then again wine drinking anywhere is a lot of fun

  11. you always have and always will enjoy a good rally!

    seriously, the 90+ concept is SO fascinating and unique (I read ALL the italics), the woman who could not explain the idea to you on the boat is a huge boob

  12. spontaneity reigns, my dear!! what a fabulous afternoon!!


  13. Bloggers really are so fabulous, huh? How nice of her to share those tickets. That looks like such a fun thing to do!

  14. Food, wine and a boat? Sounds like a perfect day to me!! And how nice of Alicia to do that. I love the people out here in the blogger world!!

    Hope you're having a great weekend hun!

  15. I've never heard of this label but it sounds awesome. What a great concept - win win for all :)
    Hope you were able to finally rest up!