Tuesday, September 14, 2010

In December Drinking Horchata...

It's not December. I'm not drinking Horchata. I've got the lyrics from Horchata the debut song on Vampire Weekend's sophomore album Contra ringing through my head, among other songs. This past Sunday night Vampire Weekend performed at Boston's Bank of America Pavilion. The last time I saw VW in concert was in December of 2008 at The Orpheum Theater, one of Boston's smaller concert venues. They were seemingly less popular, performing songs off of their self-titled debut album. (Album pictures x2 credit)They put on a kick-ass show then and I've been pretty infatuated with their music ever since. One album and a bigger venue later, I was thrilled for their return to Boston. What was once appropriately named the Harbor Light's Pavilion, this outdoor amphitheater with a seating capacity of approximately 5,000 is one of my favorite summer concert venues.Opening sets included The Beach House and The Dum Dum Girls. I'm not familiar with either band, and I'm pretty sure we arrived as the second set was playing. The girls and I grabbed some extra large beers and took seats at the tables surrounding the outskirts of the tent.
It's a fun spot to hang out and take in the scene. We also stuffed our faces with chicken fingers and french fries.Before we knew it, we claimed our seats and the headlining act was on.
They opened with Holiday.Their encore performance was Mansard Roof and a grand finale of Walcott. And everything in between was absolutely incredible. There is not one song they could play that would disappoint or leave me thinking "No wait, play that one instead." Every song is a favorite, every song invigorates my spirit. Many of the concert-goers would agree with me.
(No really, what is that picture?)Vampire Weekends stage presence is simple, consisting of four males; 2 guitarists, a drummer and a keyboard player. Their music on the other hand is anything but.
Although influenced by a wide variety of sound and aesthetics, they resembles nothing so much as themselves. I can't even describe, compare or categorize their music. Their sound is unmistakable, infectious and alive. The lyrics are breezy and powerful all at the same time.From Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa (yes they sing about Cape Cod! and no, they are not from there), to White Sky and A-Punk, to I Think UR A Contra and One (Blake's Got A New Face) - the crowd goes crazy for Blake, to Cousins, to Giving Up The Gun, to why don't I stop listing the songs because they played them all. They rocked the stage.Our seats were pretty great, too! But honestly, there isn't a bad seat at this venue.
I know I haven't gotten a chance to focus on Boston restaurants lately, but the music scene in this city thrives and it would not be right to omit such experiences from the blog. Plus, have I ever steered you guys wrong before?! If you thought Vampire Weekend was just another crazy Twilight-esque / True Blood / what the heck is this Vampire fad? / type of deal you were sorely mistaken! Download some tunes and thank me later. Or proclaim your love for them in the comments and it becomes just one more thing we have in common!!


  1. I love Vampire Weekend! We need to hang out because we have a lot more than Vampire Weekend in common.

  2. Vampire Weekend is good, I like them! It's so cool that you got to see them :D

  3. I wanted to go to this, jealous! looks like a good time.

  4. Super jealous -- I love Beach House and Vampire Weekend!!!

  5. Fun- I like them! That venue is so perfect for summer concerts! I actually don't live too far from the Pavilion :)

  6. What a great show! Boston def does have a great music scene. I love going to smaller shows at the Paradise or Middle East: Dr. Dog, Ra Ra Riot, Chad Perrone (who used to front Averi).

    Vampire Weekend is SO good. Jealous of your tickets! :)

  7. what a great post you really do yourself and the city of Boston proud