Tuesday, September 14, 2010

scenes from VT

There is a special feeling emitted from establishments in Vermont - the way they embody country living with the old rustic furnishings, creaky wooden floors, local food products and gift items. On this girls trip around Central Vermont, we visited The Warren General Store and the Rochester Country Store, and many other spots in the quaint town of Rochester that evoke a similar love of the country mountain lifestyle. On Saturday we purchased sandwiches for our hike at a picturesque coffee house and book store: Sandy's Books & Bakery.
The inside is precious with counter service in one room, and new and used books and gift items filling the shelves in the other rooms. Every corner you turn you are greeted by another set of tucked away table and chairs. 
Our quality made sandwiches survived the hike up Mt. Abe.Saturday after the hike we visited the charming Warren Store. Saturday night we had a wonderful dinner at the Huntington House InnI ordered the Petit Filet ($19) on a marinated portabello mushroom topped with bleu cheese and mashed potatoes. 
Then dessert happened, we ended up ordering three. If anyone deserved three plates of dessert it was us after conquering that mountain. I washed it all down with a Baileys on the rocks. Sunday morning we ate breakfast at the Rochester Cafe.

I ordered the Rancheros Vermonter which comes with a mild salsa, creamy guacamole and heaping spoonfuls of sour cream over cheddar cheese eggs.
Back at the house we took a short walk around the neighborhood before we packed up and set off for the city. There is so much beauty to be seen here! 


  1. The Island of Rhode

  2. I love going into little shops and bakeries like that.

    I do love Vermont... I don't know... it might be my favorite.

  3. This post makes you feel instantly at home. I LOVE sleepy little New England towns, during fall especially! =)

  4. I think I need to just start following your around and eating everything you order - I always leave your site drooling!

  5. can i just say i love that you know that avocado tempers heat?? i knew if anyone caught that it would be you.

    now please pass the steak.

    and my fave state is WA state - pass the seafood too.


  6. Love the idea of an old general store!!! What great pictures.

  7. The rancheros looks sooo good. What a fun experience ...VT is so pretty. I loved Burlington when I was there in June.

  8. 1. Don't tell Bret but you might be my soulmate. You had me at Bailey's on the rocks.
    2. Pumpkin pie soda? I MUST HAVE SOME!
    3. I adore Maine.

  9. Oh wow,I want to try the pumpkin pie soda!

    I ♥ Maine but also L♥vermont.

    aahhhh so cheesy!

  10. ahh eliz would devour this post! old general store! old general store! haha toooo cute.