Monday, November 22, 2010

A Day at Magic Kingdom

Our first destination in Walt Disney World was the infamous Magic Kingdom theme park! Journey with me through the lands of the park as I detail our day through pictures, ride descriptions and of course some park eats thrown in for good measure. Takin' a walk down Main Street, USA

Must ride: Space Mountain - an indoor roller coaster through the dark atmosphere.

If there's time to kill: Tomorrowland Transit Authority (below) and Carousel of Progress (unpictured).
Skip: Stitch's Great Escape. This dark interactive alien experience was not exciting and slightly odd to be quite honest.
Must Ride: Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin . In this interactive adventure inspired by Toy Story 2, you compete against a partner for high score bragging rights!
Eat at: Tomorrowland Terrace: However, apparently, it is only open seasonally. We tried to get food here before discovering it was closed.
Eat at: The Lunching Pad. These centrally located outdoor windows serve a small selection of grub which includes: specialty hot dogs, pretzels, frozen Coca-Cola's and fountain drinks.
I enjoyed a Taco Hot Dog and Adam liked his Philly Cheese Steak Hot Dog. 
Must See: Mickey's PhilharMagic - a Disney movie soundtrack based 3D Movie.
Snack on: Churos!!

Must Ride: It's a Small World - a musical indoor voyage set to the theme song on repeat.
I l.o.v.e this ride.
Must Ride: Snow White's Scary Adventure - a journey inside through the dark.

Well, it is a must ride if your a 33 year old adorning Mickey ears.
The lines in Fantasyland were super long during the day so we actually hit up other lands and came back later on in the evening for dinner and to ride Snow White and It's a Small World.
Eat at: The Pinocchio Village Haus
You have a plethora of options here!
Adam and I shared a Cheese Pizza Combo which came with a side ceasar salad as well as a Chicken Nugget Basket which came with a side of french fries. I drank a hot chocolate. (It was chilly out!)
{Liberty Square}
Must Ride: Haunted Mansion - a journey through the dark with happy haunts.
Must See: Hall of Presidents
At least, it is a must see if you have time to kill while waiting for a Fast Pass ride and are a huge history buff! House of Presidents is a re-imagined audio anamatronics show, now featuring President Barak Obama!
Must ride: Splash Mountain - Plunge 5 stories into Brer Rabbit's briar bush.
If you're in the front seat (which Adam and I were) you're taking a bath.
Must ride: Big Thunder Mountain Railroad - a runaway train coaster. Pictured below is the the crew in the Fast Pass line to avoid the 50 minute wait!
If there's time: Pirates of the Carribean - join captain Jack Sparrow as you sail through the Spanish main. Arrg matey's.
The ride prefaces are merely opinions of myself and other members of my party. The list is not inclusive of all the rides and attractions offered, but is a complete list of our day! Wouldn't you know, this was the first sober day of the trip! Not a drop of alcohol was consumed as Magic Kingdom is a dry park.
{Cinderella's Castle} is the central point in the Kingdom.

We stuck around for The Electrical Parade, which runs throughout the streets of the park beginning at 9:00 pm.
The parade features Disney movie characters on elaborately designed light up floats.
Cinderella was chased by Prince Charming
Captain Hook and Peter Pan battled it out in a sword fight and The Seven Dwarfs (Snow White was present but escaped the camera) floated on though.
Alice-n-Wonderland and the Cheshire Cat were next, followed by some of the wonderland creatures.

After the parade ended, we retreated back to Main Street USA for the biggest most awe inspiring event ever to grace the Magic Kingdom skies.
Narrated by Pinocchio's Jimmeny Cricket, a dazzling fireworks show over Cinderella's Castle reminds you that dreams and wishes do come true.
There's no place on earth quite like it.

Be sure to check out Not All Who Wander Are Lost where my partner in crime depicts the rides and our day in more detail! You can look forward to Epcot, Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios park recaps from us both in the days to come!


  1. It's A Small World is my mom's favorite... and I love the carousel of progress. Looks like an awesome trip!

  2. It's a Small World has ALWAYS been my favorite ride!! so jealous!

  3. Going back to Disney as an adult is always such a trip. I went during my last year of law school and I had so much fun...It looks like you had a blast!

  4. I'm jealous of all the fun you had! I need to get to Florida ASAP.

  5. note to self, must get my behind to Disney. That looks like so much fun!

  6. haha i love how each picture showcases a different adam facial expression!!

    did you get the ears back yet!?

  7. I love Disney! Angela and I went on a girls trip a couple years ago and had so much fun. I was in the front row of Splash Mountain too and got soaked!

  8. CC is really showing his range in these photos.

  9. I've been waiting for your Disney post since you mentioned that you were going to be spending a few days there. Great photos on It's a Small World. It was closed when I was there in October. Good thing I'm going back at the end of February!

  10. I love that you went to Disney fun. I haven't been there since I was like 11 and can only imagine how much more fun it would be as an adult!

  11. What I love is how genuinely excited everyone looks to be there! Classic! What a cool place to be. =)

  12. Oh my gosh, this looks like such a great time! Dare I say... magical?!?

  13. i cant get over just how much better your fireworks shots are! im jealous :)

    great post - wish i could go back WITH a drink

  14. Walt Disney World never ceases to amaze the people. Their movies are loved by numerous kids and adults and their theme park attractions and rides are unforgettable