Thursday, November 4, 2010

Scenes From Lantana

The town of Lantana is where my Grandparents live in West Palm Beach County. Here are some snapshots of our time spent there before we made our way to Sanibel Island. Breakfast every morning consisted of: Post Great Grains with a banana, Entenmann's sugar or cinnamon powdered donuts, orange juice and coffee. The powdered donut spread will forever remind me of Nan. So will Fiesta Ware.
Pelican Bay on a calm afternoon (above) and a windy afternoon (below).

Nan's rescue cat Zack is the sweetest. He catches lizards.
Lots of art deco condos line the neighborhood.
At McKenna's place for dinner one night Adam and I split clam chowder, snow crab and steamed clams. The freshness of the seafood was debatable. I think the crab was frozen as opposed to fresh and my clam chowder was over-salted.
The pitcher of Yuengling we all split hit the spot.
We went to Grumpy Grouper for dinner the next night.
I ate every last bite of myBlackened Grouper Sandwich.
It was my first time trying Grouper, a firm fish with a heavy flakiness. The flavor is mild but distinct, maybe like a cross between bass and halibut. The fries were quality.
Aunt Cheryl met us for some drinks.
The atmosphere at the Grumpy Grouper is a great time, locals fill the barstools and exotic fish tanks line the perimeter. They even had some live entertainment!
It was wonderful to spend time with Nanny & Grampy (and Zack!)
Our last morning we went cruisin around the area,Checking out the mansions of Boynton and West Palm Beaches.
Many thanks to all the Florida fam for hosting Adam and I. We had an absolute blast and can't wait to see you again in February!
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  1. Oh you two are just adorable & gorgeous all at the same time. Nice trip, cute kitty Zach and what a great breakfast.

  2. ooooh very fun. i used to go to sanibel a lot with my fam. so pretty!

  3. Shame about the clam chowder because it usually tastes so good!

  4. I've never even heard of Grouper. I'll have to try it. Looks like you had a very relaxing time :)

  5. Oh looks like it's been such a great trip!

  6. Love the windblown pics of you two! Looks like quite an amazing trip!

  7. I love Roonman! (zackaroonie) does nan call him that still? You can always count on there being donuts at their place!

  8. Okay, my parents live in Ft. Myers. So close to Sanibel! So next time, we need to coordinate trips! XX! So happy you had fun!

  9. Loving those glimpses at the bright blue Florida sky!