Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Island Cow

Vacation is invigorating.
Exhibit 1: Tan faces and huge smiles on display at the condo before heading out to dinner one evening.
Exhibit 2: Dining out with a fun party of ten at a relaxing, casual restaurant called The Island Cow.

They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner in a lively and friendly atmosphere, encouraging you to "come as you are". Straight from the beach, showered with a couple drinks in you, children in tow; the staff here accommodate all types of crowds with ease. They were patient as members of our party staggered in at different times, seating folks and taking drink orders even before everyone arrived. Our waitress asked who would be needing separate checks, and I was pleasantly surprised that she offered before we even had to ask. It was also comforting to know at the end of a big meal we wouldn't have to spend more time dividing up the bill.Other memorable touches at The Island Cow included $1.99 Coronas, cups full of crayons and a plate full of blueberry, cranberry and corn muffins to snack on.
Adam and I shared an appetizer and an entree, beginning with the Buffalo Shrimp ($9.99) Finger lick'in Gulf Shrimp - wow spicy! We passed the basket around the table - the portion was plentiful and the sauce was spicy without overpowering the fresh crispy battered shrimp. Another app of Frickles ($5.99) A heap'in helping of fried pickles was passed around.I definitely could have eaten a whole basket of these. A must order when they dine here, Tricia's cousin Karen commented. I concur!
Our dinner was fantastic. And reasonably priced too! Cowrazy Kabobs ($17.99) Over 1 lb. of skewered satisfaction. Gulf pink shrimp, tender cuts of steak, bacon wrapped bay scallops, bell peppers, sweet onions, all flame grilled. Served with sweet corn and smashed red bliss potatoes. Inside you'll find white walls collaged with framed photographs of the island and a plethora of cow-themed decor. Worn wooden booths line the perimeter and pastel blue, yellow and pink chairs surround the tables nestled into the center of the restaurant. Outdoor dining is offered on the front porch flanked by green vegetation and shell lined paths. Guests may choose to relax with a drink at the bar, or outside where colorful Adirondack chairs are set up about the grounds.
Serving up "Udderly Great Food" at reasonable prices in a bright and colorful atmosphere that is bustling with positive island energy; another solid spot to dine at on a Sanibel vacation discovered!
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  1. Oh my god! I want those fried pickles!!!!

  2. "Udderly good food?" - LOVE IT! Those muffins look SO good!

  3. I love fried pickles, and those look ginormous! I agree with Michelle on the muffins, too - they look next to perfect.

  4. That dress is adorable on you!! Look at that hot bod! ;-)

    Happy Thursday my Dear!! xo

  5. Loving your maxi! You are so nice and tan! jealous... haha

    PS- too funny that i featured Cuttlefish :)

  6. Oh, those shrimp look awesome! I just tried fried pickles for the first time last month, yumm-eeee! =) Looks like you had such a fab vacay. Yay!

  7. your tanned smiling faces are BEAUTIFUL!!

    1.99$ coronas + crayons = adult playtime at its finest :)

  8. omg that picture of me is awful. i feel bad for dave!

    we got the same cowrazy kabobs! so good!

  9. Mmmm now this is my kinda meal! I seriously think I might go make some mashed potatoes now :D

  10. Looks like so much fun!! And I can't believe Coronas were only $1.99 (gotta love NOT Boston!). You look so tan and happy :)


  11. I need to try fried pickles! You look sooooo tan! Such a great vacation.