Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Mucky Duck

Welcome to Captiva Island. Various evenings during our stay on the southernmost tip of Sanibel Island, we'd pile in the mini van and head due north about 30 minutes to the northernmost tip of Captiva eat, drink and take in a sunset. These festivities went down at The Mucky Duck.Prime real estate sits this neighborhood establishment directly on the beach, complete with an outdoor seating area, live music and of course, a bar. Serving beer and wine only, they invented their own non-traditional Margarita ($5.50) made with agave white wine.
Lacking the punch of tequila, the wine provides a sweeter less harsh alternative.
But we loved them, especially for the mere $5.50 price tag!
The sunsets vary drastically from one night to the next. We were lucky our first one was so spectacular. This lead to photos shoots galore.I mean, how can you not?!Absolutely breathtaking. The other nights sunset proved less intense due to cloudy skies. Actually, there wasn't much of a sunset at all compared to what we got before! I appreciated the beauty of the sky and clouds all the same. Maybe the sun light wasn't as intense but certainly the clouds were breathtaking in their own right.
I mean really, does this look like the face of someone who is disappointed to you?After the first nights sunset we headed inside for dinner.
Adam and I ordered the Duck-a-Dillas ($7.50); after all, we're at a place with duck in the title! The appetizer plate only came with three quesadillas which were a little on the small side. I easily could have polished off two more! The tortillas themselves were nicely fried and crispy with tasty duck meat smothered in melted cheese and black beans.
For dinner we ordered the Seafood Platter ($25.50) consisting of Barbecue shrimp with bacon, peel 'n eat shrimp, a crab cake, breaded scallops, and the evenings fresh fish with cream dill sauce.
There was a ton of food, but, overall the platter was underwhelming and somewhat bland. I've had fresher tasting seafood and I realized I dislike peel and eat shrimp. 
Still, I look back on my time spent at The Mucky Duck fondly, despite not being overly excited about my entree of choice. Nothing beats a laid back beach vibe in a fun friendly atmosphere. You better believe I'd return in a heartbeat.
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  1. Those sunset photos are gorgeous! Makes me want to take another vacation, stat. ;)

  2. Sanibel and Captiva are amazing places to kick back and unwind for sure. We go there often when we want to get away.

    Fantastic photos. Really well done. However awesome those photos are, they pale in comparison to those cool yellow shades. Nice!

  3. Oh man. You've totally given me vacation fever. Your pictures are fantastic and it looks like such an incredibly relaxing time!!


  4. the sunset pics are beautiful. So jealous of you and your tan!!!!! That duck dish looks fabulous too.

  5. Your colourful dress is gorgeous.. and your tan is too!

  6. Wow, lovely pictures...thank you so much for sharing such special pictures of your vacation :-)

  7. Oh man I can't wait to get down there! And I am definitely ordering the Duck a Dillas, not only do I like the name, I am crazy for duck, one of my faves! I will just order 2 orders! XX!

  8. 5.50 for a wine margarita...I'll take it. Bummer about the food though

  9. The most AMAZING sunset ever!! Have you been to The Bubble Room? It's right near there...crazy fun.

  10. oh look at that gorgeous sunset! I'm so jealous!

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  12. ordered the flouder at dinner - I believe it was not flouder - and I believe it was old because it tasted fishy - like tilapia,