Thursday, July 16, 2015

Chez Nous | Charleston

Nestled in a quiet dirt alleyway off of a residential street, we visited the tiny French restaurant Chez Nous for Sunday Bunch on our last day in town. A small, handwritten menu changes daily - the kitchen typically offers two appetizer, entree and dessert courses. We came with large appetites - and while this wasn't exactly an indulgent brunch, the food was exquisitely prepared. (There is a long story that involves a cancelled flight down on why we couldn't make it here for dinner as originally planned. Dinner would have been my first choice. Anyways.) Eden and I had the most perfect, fluffy, herb laced scrambled eggs with an arugula and radish salad. Tricia and Laura enjoyed soft boiled eggs with the ham tartine du jour. We felt so welcome and content to linger over Illy cappuccinos and Orangina mimosas in the warm homey space. 

6 Payne Street
Charleston, SC 29403

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  1. The soft boiled eggs look so good!

  2. Another wonderful getaway to experience a new town, new flavors and fun friends.

  3. Brunch at Chez Nous! I'm so jealous -- I live in Charleston but have yet to get there for brunch. Gorgeous pictures, by the way. Next time I see scrambled eggs on their menu I'll have to stop by and give them a test for myself!