Thursday, December 21, 2017


What's your life looking like lately? My holiday wish is that it's all the fun you are having celebrating with friends and family, perhaps an exciting trip you are taking, or maybe it's quality time with your new puppy or your newborn baby. Whatever joys and accomplishments you are experiencing, undoubtedly taking photos along the way; that good old Instagram post is sure to follow. If you're like me, it seems that daunting task of print photos sit unchecked on the to do list for months at a time, or maybe doesn't even make it on your to do list at all.
Presenting TurnGram - your personal photo concierge. TurnGram is a service which will select your photos based on instructions you provide, then professionally edit and deliver them on a monthly basis. Signing up is a simple process where right now you can choose from two options - 1 photo per month for $3.99 or 5 photos per month for $4.99, and your first month is always free. 

TurnGram also make great gifts. You might have one account but multiple 'grams - think about sending them to your parents + grandparents, too. (Need a last minute Christmas gift? It's certainly not too late!) 

There really shouldn't be a question these days as to whether you need a personal photo concierge, you definitely just do!
I am receiving 3 months of complimentary TurnGrams in exchange for my honest review. I genuinely love this service and think you will too.

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