Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Marina di Praia | Praiano

After five spectacular days in Rome we took the train to Naples and from there a private driver to the famed Amalfi Coast

Here are some snapshots of our time spent on gorgeous Marina di Praia nestled in the perfect cliff-side town of Praiano. Camden loved swimming in the warm water and relaxing on the blue lounge chairs, including naps on Moms lap while she sipped an Aperol Spritz. 

I believe the best meal you will find down at La Praia is at Il Pirata - we enjoyed fried calamari with honey and fried leeks, black truffle cream risotto with speck and homemade pasta with mussels, zucchini, pecorino cheese, pepper and basil. We were treated to really lovely service and stunning views. This classy beach club even had a highchair!

The breathtaking setting, plus the low key vibe and fantastic restaurants in Praiano far exceeded my expectations. Traveling here with Bob and Camden was so much fun and surprisingly - incredibly relaxing. The only not fun, high stress part was the narrow winding cliff roads in and out, Camden screamed inconsolably and he's always great in the car. I guess on a good day even adults don't love that drive. We were thankful we hired a driver instead of renting a car for many reasons; including that parking is limited and caters to locals and the Praiano main loop is one way. We met a lovely Australian family at the beach with a baby the same age who also didn't fare well on the drive. They had rented a car and spent 45 minutes one night getting a parking spot. You kind of have to pat yourself on the back and think...hey. we're doing it right!

Praiano will forever be one of my favorites and I can't wait to tell you more about it. 

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